Top 10 tips for small business and startups

I have worked with many small businesses, for them usually, the main problem is the budget. I always try to go the extra mile to

Create great content

Google loves useful and well-written content. I believe that some marketers would say that content is oversaturated and it is hard to find a topic that will actually bring you traffic and backlinks. Surely it is hard and very competitive, but there is always opportunity in content marketing, every day new ideas and products are born and with them new opportunities come.  Create great content, find a theme that would work for business and niche topics. Ensure your content is relevant and it proves to be helpful for users. I was lucky enough to work with one of the most creative videographers in London and implemented a genuine creative content strategy which earnt him several backlinks.

Social media

As a marketing consultant, I always encourage all my clients to exploit social media possibilities. It is free to use and very useful for self-promotion. Create attractive content, post on a regular basis and interact with your audience to ensure maximum engagement. If you feel you are having a hard time to grow an audience, Facebook could be quite affordable to run some small campaign to boost your posts. Alternatively, you can run online contests on social media to increase your likes and your social media presence. Social media is driven by video marketing these days, so you might to contact a video production company.

Business directories

Business listings and directories could make great ways to promote your business and gain local digital citations. Listings such as Yell are not only good for online visibility but also for attracting referral traffic to your website. Regardless of the nature of your business, there are plenty of directories for almost any business niche. For Clutch is a very popular directory for B2B and marketing agencies.

Be unique

Just like Personal Shopping London, try to offer a service in a unique way. Make sure you stand out from your competitors and your business proposition is unique and attractive. In the restaurant’s industry, for example, there are millions of them but some specialize in burgers, pizzas, country cuisine. If your industry is over-saturated, make sure your marketing proposition is different or unique.

If you have an e-commerce store, you can always delegate all the task of running an online store to e-commerce management.

If you need an advertising agency, please contact Top Media Advertising.

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